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تحميل لعبه Star Defender 2 الدفاع عن النجوم

تحميل لعبه Star Defender 2 الدفاع عن النجوم

تحميل لعبه Star Defender 2 الدفاع عن النجوم

لعبه Star Defender 2 هي لعبه اكشن رائعه ومميزه عليك من خلالها الدفاع عن مجرتنا ضد الغرباء الذين يريدون احتلالها، في هذه اللعبه ستشعر أنك تقاتل بشكل حقيقي ضد الغرباء للدفاع عن مجرتك.

تمتع بلعبه Star Defender 2 الفريدة من نوعها ….. قم بتحميلها الآن.

متطلبات اللعبة:

ويندوز 7/فيستا/XP.

معالج 500 ميغاهرتز أو أكثر.

ذاكرة 128 ميغا أو أكثر.

كرت شاشة 32 ميغا أو أكثر.

دايركت إكس 8.1.

اللعبه متوافقة مع إصدارات الويندوز 7/فيستا/XP فسارع الآن وحمل نسختك من قسم “تحميل الالعاب“ التابع لموقع “كعكي“…..

تذكر حين تقوم بتحميل الالعاب أن كعكي هو هدفك للحصول على احدث الاصدارات من جميع الألعاب .

Star Defender 2 – Download free alien games

It’s high time to download free alien games! Aliens do exist! Even if you’ve never believed they do after playing this game you’ll change your mind. But not all of them are friendly. Some aliens display hostility and are longing to conquer our Galaxy. The gameplay is realistic to as much extent as to make you feel involved straight into the fantastic space plot unveiling as you pass level after level. In this fabulous Shoot’em up game you will get a chance to defeat enormous armies of the cruel invaders and to save the Galaxy! The responsibility for preserving the whole Galaxy is laid totally upon you. You are the hero of the Universe! Destroy more than 30 absolutely original enemy units while accomplishing nine missions masterminded by a wicked Boss craving for the chance to rule the Galaxy. The game comprises more than 100 breathtaking levels as a result of passing which you are supposed to collect all the 17 original bonuses. Track the amount of various weapons you use in the multiple battles coming your way, design a unique battle strategy and win the victory you are striving for! Download the alien game and enjoy an adventure full of dangers! Every new mission has different background which puts you into the atmosphere of the real Space Battle. Each type of enemy has its own model of behavior, weapon and lifetime. Finally, the music effects are great! Enjoy the unique and truly addictive gameplay for hours being alone or together with your friends. Download free alien games!

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7

Processor 500 Mhz or better

128 Mb RAM

32 Mb of video memory

DirectX 8.1

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تحميل اللعبه


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